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We constantly strive to offer animals in our sale pen but if you are interested in anyone of our animals throughout the site feel free to contact us to discuss a possible sale. Rocking G Watusi & Zebra Ranch is located in Roosevelt, Utah with a notable number of Watusi cattle that have been gathered from across the country. The Ankole-Watusi breed existence started long ago, it begins with the following. CST Sambula WWA FP (in process) DOB 2/18/2016 For more information, please contact us at 352-577-4149 (cell) or Cattle are o n grazing , so arrange for viewing. These are hardy cows , local stock , and all medications and vaccine in order . Watusi For Sale. The Breed's History Watusi For The World. Plz no time wasters. From shop MillsHideFur. Herd reduction sale. Newborn calves weigh 30 - 50 pounds. More recently, two Ankole-Watusi are in the Guinness World Records for the largest horn circumferences for a bull and steer. Its large distinctive horns that can reach up to 8 ft (2.4 m) from tip to tip are used for defence and cooling by honeycombs of blood vessels. Medium-sized animals, with long, large-diameter horns, they attract attention wherever they appear. FOR SALE. Specializing in Foundation Pure Watusi Cattle and Registered 100% Pure Gyr Cattle as well as Percentage Gyr/Brahman Cattle. In 2016 the total number for the breed thought to be approximately 1500 head, some 80% of them in the United States. or Best Offer. Watusi Semen For Sale . Watusi are not overly susceptible to parasitic infestations, but care should be taken to keep an eye of the herd and be particularly vigilant if one animal is showing signs of a problem. Ankole-Watusi cattle are the show-stoppers of the bovine kingdom. It is characterized by very large horns. This is believed to be the widest horn with the largest base of any steer of any breed. The Ankole-Watusi cattle are a multipurpose breed of cattle. Terminology. Ankole – Alternate term for this breed of cattle; 1/2 blood – Past classification of the percentage of Watusi blood in a registered animal These regal animals can easily trace their ancestry back more than 6,000 years and have often been referred to as "cattle of kings." Ankole-Watusis weigh … All ankole-watusi artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. THANKS, for viewing my auction!This auction is for a very nice large Single ANKOLE- WATUSI STEER or BULL HORN.. The Ankole-Watusi derives from central African cattle of the Ankole group of Sanga cattle breeds. His genetics are … Choose your favorite ankole-watusi designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! The Ankole‑Watusi breed is part of the Sanga family of African cattle breeds, which originated over 2,000 years ago from a combination of the Egyptian Longhorn cattle of Africa. The HORN is about 31" long, { measured along the curve of the horn } with a 14 1/4" base. It’s an ancient breed and ancient rock paintings and depictions of these animals have been observed in the Sahara region and in the Egyptian arts and pyramid walls. Skull Bracket, World's Strongest Skull Hanging System. Currently located in Pierce City, MO. This breed has been promoted since 1983 by the Ankole-Watusi International Registry. RRH TAFARI; DOB: 5/6/2014 BWS SPOTTED BULL x BWS THUNDER ROLLS; 1 - 1 of 1 results. These Ankole-Watusis are really cool because they are able to adapt to harsh environments, have a high butterfat milk, lean beef, and maternal abilities that trump those of other domesticated bovine. Ankole-Watusis are medium sized cattle weighing from 900 to 1,600 pounds. We have met some great people and made lots of new friends. These animals live in the savannas and open grasslands, their diet consist of grass and leaves. This beautiful bull has been our main herd sire for the last few years. Our animals are well cared for and loved. Excess sale of quality young breeding cows , heifers , yealing bulls, cows with calves , or cows pregnant with stud angus bull. The Long-horned, hump less domestic cattle were well established in the Nile Valley by 4000 B.C. The horns on an adult Ankole-Watusi serve as a formidable defense against predators as well as a method of cooling in warm temperatures. An Ankole bull belonging to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa sold for R640 000 at the Ntaba Nyoni auction on Wednesday, near Ermelo in Mpumalanga. All CATTLE AT THE FARM ARE REGISTERED FOUNDATION PURE WATUSI AND REGISTERED MINATURE ZEBU CATTLE. More information Ankole Watusi Longhorn Leather Mount #11863 For Sale @ The Taxidermy Store Located in Highlandville, MO American zoos and other tourist attractions imported Ankole-Watusi cattle from European zoos in the 1920's and 1930's. 21 Longhorn Frozen Embryos For Sale. Ankole - Watusi The Ankole - Watusi is a breed of cattle originally native to Africa. Freight. Lyre and circular shapes are preferable to flat. The Ankole-Watusi cattle breed are from an ancient breed of cattle that are thought to have been descendant from the inter-breeding of the Hamitic Longhorn cattle and the lateral-horned Zebu cattle. In 2004, a bull named C.T. During the established Fall and Spring breeding seasons, semen orders are shipped as soon as … It is a landrace breed, a type of Sanga cattle and originally native to East Africa. 940 likes. $6,300.00. This small birth-weight makes Ankole-Watusi bulls useful for breeding to first-calf-heifers of other breeds. Ankole-Watusi show canceled after Utah mine tragedy Colorado The Ankole-Watusi show scheduled for Sept. 3, at the Colorado State Fair has been canceled. The Ankole watusi cattle are sold like any other cattle but they go for a higher price as compared to the other breeds and this is due to their large bodies and long horns. They are Sanga-type cattle that may have accompanied humans that migrated along south-bound routes to the Zambezi River. His 120" tip-to-tip is exactly 10 feet. The auction, of Ankole and Ankole crossbreeds, was the first of its kind in South Africa. Jan 1, 2014 - The Taxidermy Store has a wide selection of Watusi and Longhorn taxidermy, as well as many other types of wildlife and outdoor products for sale.11863. At the first-ever sale of the breed in Ermelo earlier this year, interest in the Ankoles came mostly from game breeders. We also have miniature donkeys and other misc exotic animals from time to time. Specializing in Foundation Pure Watusi DNA for parentage and genetic markers on file with Zoetis for all BWS and BWS owned animals from 2012 to current. The Ankole watusi cattle are sold like any other cattle but they go for a higher price as compared to the other breeds and this is due to their large bodies and long horns. Foundation Pure Registered Ankole Watusi Herd Sire Bull. Watch; S B 8 p R I o 2 n s 1 2 0 N o J r 8 e d. The "Buffalo Bracket" European Skull Hanger for Bison, Moose, and Cattle Skulls. For this reason some dairy farmers have used crossbred Ankole-Watusi cows in their hers to boost the butter fat levels. The Ankole are also highly adaptable, making them suitable for the harsh conditions often prevalent on game farms. Ankole-Watusi. Ankole - Watusi. 6 years old. This is confirmed by Ramaphosa, who says that game breeders value horn size and structure. Shop for ankole-watusi art from the world's greatest living artists. Watusi Semen Semen Orders: Please read this important information! Woodie had horns measuring 103,5cm in circumference and Lurch, the steer’s, measured 95cm. 3 Year Old FP Open Heifers for Sale. Ankole-Watusi cattle have a straight topline and sloping rump with a neck hump preferred but not required. Single-Ankole-Watusi-Bovine/Cow/Bull Horn STEER LONGHORN horns TAXIDERMY Unpolish MillsHideFur. Overview. A breed society, the Ankole Watusi International Registry, set up in 1983, 110 and in 1989 a breed standard drawn up. Ankole-Watusis weigh from 900 to 1,600 pounds (410 to 730 kg). Magnum is half Watusi. Brand New. 20 Ankole-Watusi were considered sacred. Current on vaccines, deworming, Asking $4900 OBO. The cattle can be sold while still on the farms or they are transported to different to the city centers for sale. Cyril Ramaphosa was the first to import Ankople genetics into South Africa. It is also known as Ankole Longhorn, and sometimes known as simply Ankole or Watusi.. Its large, distinctive horns, that can reach up to 8 feet (2.4 m) from tip to tip, are used for defense. The Ankole-Watusi may be a number of different colors, and is usually red. The Ankole-Watusi, also known as Ankole Longhorn, is a landrace breed of cattle originally native to Africa. We are proud to offer these animals for your consideration. It derives from the Ankole group of Sauga cattle breeds of central Africa. Attributes ©Ankole SA. 18 watchers. The Ankole cattle are named after the Watusi tribe of Africa and are a domesticated species. To view , plz call between 8am and 5pm. It is characterized by very large horns. The Ankole-Watusi is medium in size, with cows weighing 900 - 1200 pounds and bulls weighing 1000 - 1600 pounds. History. Brand New. Buy Big Horn Cow For Sale. World Watusi Association - Ankole-Watusi Cattle Registry, Walnut Springs, Texas. Ankole-Watusi CST Ranch, LLC. #12787 E+ | Ankole Watusi Longhorn Taxidermy Shoulder Head Mount - Steer Bull. It is thought that they are a cross between two different breeds of cattle that migrated to East Africa around 1000 BC.. If you are serious about horn, this is serious horn. We are proud sponsors of the Watusi Assocation and hope to educate future generations on the breed. They supplied milk to the owners, but were only rarely used for meat production, since an owner's wealth was counted in live animals. The Ankole-Watusi is a modern American breed of domestic cattle.It derives from the Ankole group of Sanga cattle breeds of central Africa. Black Walnut Springs Exotics. Cattle have traditionally been valued in Africa as ceremonial animals and as symbols of wealth and power. The Ankole Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa was formally established in February 2018 and boasted almost a thousand registered cattle by the middle of 2019. He is one reason DCCI is excited abut Longhorn/Watusi crosses. We also offer group purchase discounts as well as a layaway program & will consider trades for other Watusi or exotics. The Ankole-Watusi is a modern American breed of domestic cattle.

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