portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting

Did fine for 2 months, then died. These lights I have bought from Portfoli are the worst I’ve ever encountered. to look up parts or just a phone number to call? The threading on top of one of the stakes split and broke off. Call Portfolio at 1-800-643-0067. We suggest you look closely at each light and it's connection. Check the connections. Also, is there a different way to change the light bulbs? model #ee0002bk.. If I get any worthwhile info, I will pass along here. Is there a special kind of lightbulb we should be using for this light? Can I turn off the motion sensor and just use the manual switch for on amd off. I keep having the controller fail on my portfolio 600w landscape transformer. The power pack only works in the On position. The range of products that are available from The Portfolio Lighting Company now encompasses over thirty different types of lighting ranges, and so whether you need wall mount lighting for an office, multi-lamp lighting for a process area in a factory, or cove lighting to illuminate a loft conversion then there is something for everybody. Subjected to extreme changes in temperatures annually and the onslaught of rain, damaging UV rays and insects, outdoor security lights can become dim or stop working altogether. I’ve been using low voltage landscape lights for many years, mostly Malibu. 925-895-3242 Cell For incandescent bulbs, look for breaks in the wire filament (the wires inside the glass part). If so, please let me know. Circuit breaker on power console trips Check ends of … At the bottom of the power pack there is an instruction that reads: “Photo eye hole. Can anyone please tell me what the cable is for? I have a portfolio 600w transformer. Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with hand tools and electrical troubleshooting skills. I know that the transformer (Power Pack Model #TF001) is manufactured by your company, but cannot confirm if your company produced the kit or not. Let's tackle the top 3 landscape lighting problems we see Let’s be quite honest and open here: Nothing is 100% perfect all the time, and everything has problems. I need to order a Diffuser for ITEM # 0104292. If you notice some of the lights are shining brighly, but some seem dimmed or not generating enough light. I do not want to just throw away as they were quiet expensive. Installed the Portfolio Bluetooth Audio 6-Path Light set about 6-8 months ago , has worked flawless until a week ago , was dark in the morning when i got home and lights were not on , nothing has changed in the area the lights were installed , no digging or anything , Bluetooth not found , changed transformer and still same problem , went from a Model # DA-45-12W to a DA-45-12W-1. Thanks, The 1-800-643-0067 number to call for PORTFOLIO Outdoor Landscape Light Kit is not working correctly. Thank you. We have tried compact florescent. Did you ever find the globe you were looking for? The first thing you should do is look for a short in your lighting system. This article originally appeared in … But after turning the lights on and off a few times it corrects the problem. Help, Tonight, the lights did not come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. It may have lost part of it's connection and a quick twist of the bulb can tighten it right back up. I need to get some replacement parts for my outdoor lighting .Do you have a website When looking at outdoor wall lighting, think about the look and feel you have determined and fashion the lights with your theme. I have replaced batteries and they light up for one night then go out. I bought a light @$12.00. It depends on the height of your house’s front entrance. I’m in need of one too. Shop Portfolio 200-Watt 12-Volt Multi-Tap Landscape Lighting Transformer with Digital Timer and Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor in the Landscape Lighting Transformers department at Lowe' These 2 lanterns are motion sensor. I’ve tried for 2 days to make this light work but I can’t do it. Outdoor Light, Lighting Equipment user manuals, operating guides & specifications So if we could find the globes it would be much appreciated. I accidently cut the fiber optic cable while trimming. Jim Jarnagin Also, look at all your lighting sockets to … They have ten wicker balls along a green power cord. Susan 412-327-5882. Only have 2 left. I bought a Portfolio 300watt transformer for low voltage outdoor lighting and hooked up a 100' 12 gauge cable (outdoor rated lighting cable) to it. light up. I have two that aren’t working and barely a year old. It should not be intrusive. Browse portfolio+outdoor+lighting+transformer+error+e1 on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. I have two Lights model #40182-PW. Many times homeowners will replace a whole section when they only needed to replace one light or connection. I need replacement steaks and this problem will be solved. that has been in use for at least 4-5 years. Penn Valley CA 95946 If any problems arise with your lighting, you must turn the circuit breaker off at the main electrical panel to prevent electrocution. If your lighting set is Part # 003661, then the threaded stake is Part Number 303003-0021BK, I am looking for Portfolio Outdoor Shade Covers (replacement covers). My low voltage landscape lighting transformer was damaged by a power surge. I then drove to the next county (30 miles away) to purchase a fourth light. When changing the bulb, I cracked the inner ring needed to secure the globe. ), Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people I have not received a response. I understand the item is no longer being sold. Put 2 sets under deck…4 10W fixtures each. Don’t waste your time, just switch to other brands. Further I will warn everyone I can of the difficulties I experienced with the Portfoli brand. Trasmitting Fiber”. Any suggestions , please . Looking for a replacement for the top decorative piece that screws into my Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern #0616292 (dark sky color). What about the height of the wall lanterns? Bought 4 of the 60W 4 spotlight sets. Lowes no longer stocks the pathway lights I bought and I need to replace several sockets that have rusted out and the bulbs will no longer stay in. 2.Low … It absolutely needs a SUPPORT area to help customers with issues and to reduce returns! These are some of the most common problems that occur with lighting systems. Be careful to balance your home exterior lighting. When your Portfolio lighting isn't working correctly, it causes your landscape to look incomplete or simply not finished if you can even see the lighting at all that you created. I now only use 15 watt bulbs. I pressed 8 for all other brands and it still continues to keep repeating itself. Your web site is useless. The “replacement parts” link takes to a promotion for another product. I have two set that I bought a couple of months ago but just put out. They only had one left in stock so I took that one and I was able to make it work. How do I get replacements? They all work when they are working, seems like there is no reason why they shouldn’t work. I am looking for a string of lites that Portfolio makes. 12 - 15 volts DC is typical and what to look for. They expect us to throw out old lights/accessories and just buy new ones after a couple of years. Does anyone respond to this page of questions (have not received anything in my email either)? I recently purchased a 300 watt transformer. Bookmarked. LED Solar lamps need to be recharged once every few (three max) months, if not done the rechargeable batteries will drain and not be able to be recharged. CAN YOU HELP ME FIND REPLACMENT BULBS FOR PORTFOLIO SP2500 SERIES This versatile transformer offers two wire taps for How do I get replacements?the model # is ELO516PBR-6. Stakes are cheaply made, and break very easily!!! They have been good since. So I have two questions; why aren’t the last two lights lighting and is there a better connector for the lamps? Any suggestions? Here you can learn about exterior lighting trends, common problems and their solutions, lighting and things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting fixtures. The transformer, your bulb connections, the wires and and worn or frayed wires. Pete 614-761-2737. If it seems like your outdoor security lights are constantly on, it could just be that it’s activating frequently (due to high sensitivity levels) and then staying on for a very long time. Please advise where I can buy replacement batteries. I need to replace 4 broken Portolio globes 00901. We purchased them in 2006 at Lowe’s, but they do not stock these anymore. Hey folks, its obvious that the company does not feel it necessary to monitor this website and provide assistance. How I can get these glasses to replace them? Getting an alternating 1,E on the transformer. Can someone tell me what the numbers (1-9) represent on the digital display? 455 Pepper Dr. Tehachapi, Ca. They are the lights that are multicolor. Bellacor is a leading online retailer of lighting and home décor featuring hundreds of thousands of products from the industry’s top vendors. I recently bought a Portfolio outdoor lighting set for my front walkway. I need to find somewhere to buy extra stakes. I couldn’t get two of them to work. they look great, until my lawn guy breaks off one of the stakes. Help Please. I can’t seem to find the fixture at all!I want ten of them for lighting a pathway to my boat dock. The lights came on. The automatic feature (photo eye) has quit working. I am looking for a replacement sensor cable, since I suspect mine has stopped working. Once again, weather and mnay times landscaping can knock these loose. 0 means they will stay on all the time. Switching to other brands is unfortunately our only recourse. This is an important troubleshooting fix to save you alot of money. Did they replace it for you? Through their WEB site, I tried to contact them, but no one returns my calls (I can find no E-mail address either.). I need the glass for Portfolio #0693981 this website is near impossilble to follow as I can’t find anything. I’m now looking for a globe for the E206656 outdoor light. The total length that was used is approximately 70 ft. All of the lamps lit initially but within a reletively shot time, the last light went out and the 7th grew dim. Anywhere I can get a replacement piece? When changing the light bulb, one piece of glass fell out and broke. I pulled rechargeable battery that came with set and put on my battery charger. Portfolio Lighting is a leader in lighting innovation. I am looking for the basepart of a light that the light sits on. Thank you; Jeff McNeil Phone 301 722 5827. It is the cable that will turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn. We have one (1) broken walkway lamp glass lense, can we buy 2, replace one and have an extra? Trying to buy replacement parts is non existent. Please help! I bought 4 lights and 1 transformer. How can I buy a replacement? I purchased three strings at Lowe’s, but I need four and cannot find them anywhere. I like your product. This will not only save you money, but is a uick and easy way to troubleshoot any Portfolio Lighting problems you may be experiencing. Precaution: Identify the lighting circuit, turn it OFF and then Tag it with a Note before performing any wiring or inspections. On/Off. I’m sure this web site is not affiliated with Sears/Lowe’s, the company that distributes the Portfolio product line. Wall switch or circuit breaker is off. 530-615-4919 House. The original kit came with 4 lamps and a 40 watt power supply. If some of your landscape lights aren’t working there are a few options you can try. This is a simple fix that you can troubleshoot. I have a portfolio outdoor unit that has a capacity of 200. I purchased outdoor ground mounted up lighting from floods. The new unit has the same problem…. Please plug in the Light. Is there a frayed wire or connection attached to the house? Sorry that is Path Light, not Oath. Bought the Porfolio 300 W transformer with photo eye two months ago. Does anyone sell replacement glass for a Portfolio Outdoor exterior wall light? Here is another troubleshooting thing to do. But you may also have discovered how frustrating it can be when something isn’t working as it should. Portfolio's products include flush-mount fixtures, lanterns, hanging pendants, low-voltage lighting, surface lighting and landscape lighting, but the manufacturer is known especially for its recessed-lighting systems. Also within a year of installation, the spikes that hold them into the ground have broken. the Item # is E206656 or Lowes Item # 247199. Do they look burn out and simply need to be replaced? I plugged the transformer in to a gfi outlet that I ran out from the house. I see a multitude of questions on this page including mine and the “Reply” under the questions are blank. Outdoor lighting should draw attention to the beautiful and unique features of your home. What is going on? Once again, torubleshoot all your wifes and look for any frayed or worn wires that may need to be replaced. Light will flow less harshly. Also, look at all your lighting sockets to make sure they are working correctly. Can I send a picture for part replacement? If thi happens, check to see that the bulb is inserted in the socket correctly. Who built this crappy website anyway!! Their number is 1-800-643-0067 8am – 6pm EST Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm on Friday. They have power, number is on when lights are off. There are a few more companies, but none of them are as better as this. Was your kit new? Nothing is listed in the instructions. These added benefits, along with Bellacor’s superior customer service, have made Bellacor the ultimate destination for lighting and home furnishings online. Anyone has any luck or know the fix? let me know. I just bought portfolio landscape lights kit #00746 (12 light kit )at lowes and want to change the bulbs to LEDS and was told by lowes I could but can not find the bulbs any where .I need 40 bulbs because I bought 4 of the kits .I looked on ebay but all the bulbs say dc instead of ac transformer .I did find 1 type that said they fit portfolio and he is in Canada. Would sure appreciate some assistance. See picture for lamp head bulb needed. Portfolio Outdoor lighting (sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores) has a Customer Service Department where you can order parts. I’m going to take it back and exchange it for another one. Joe. We have 3 of the dual brute sensing die cast lanterns so far we have only put one up because the bulb burns out almost immediately when we put one in. I’m tired of paying $20 for a light fixture when all I need is one small part!! It can make your home appear institutional as opposed to personal. Upgrading your home outdoor lighting is a surefire way to increase your home’s curb appeal and market value. Also for: Ee3394bk. Nothing is even listed under replacing parts to your lights. It is a great choice for outdoor security purposes. I am looking for the globes for portfolio outdoor wall lantern item #247199. If power is not detected on the landscape wire; Open the transformer for access to where the landscape wire is attached to the transformer output terminals. This is a very effective area to add an optin box :), Home Lighting Modern | Home Decoration,Home Design, Frequently Outdoor Lighting Mistakes and Their Solutions, Sea Gull Lighting 44377-839 Bath Bar, Cafe Tint Glass Shades and Blacksmith, 4-Light, Capitol Lighting Is Packed Along With Skip Colors, Nuvo Lighting 60/491 Polaris Flush Mount With White Opal Glass Shade, Brushed Nickel, Brighten Your Home With Outdoor Lighting Landcape, Hinkley Lighting 1507QC Low Voltage Cable Quick Connect 1-Inch Wide 3/4-Inch Height 2-Inch Length, Black, 96 Ultra Bright Wide Angle LEDs Housed in Two 15 Inch and Two 9 Inch Tubes, 7 Solid Color Options Featuring Blue Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Aqua, Multiple Other Modes Available Including Strobing, Fading, and Chasing Effects, Easy to Use Control Box and All Mounting Hardware Included, One Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support Included. You want to distribute light across the screen in your home. Instead of placing the lights across from each other at each end, try a gradual approach. Recently I purchased 2 outdoor light kits (#0098920). Malibu Low Voltage Transformer: Installation & Troubleshooting. 1. It's an easy way to not only save money, but also be proud of the creation you made on your own. One was cracked and in pieces. Are these sockets available for separate purchase?? I emailed the “contact us” link and did not get a response. A= auto (dusk to dawn), I’m looking for a replacement globe for the 30 in portfolio wall light….251414, I am looking for replacement stakes for Portfolio path light( Black finish) #0030329. The transformer is not plugged in and turned on. Any one have same issue and if so, is there a method to get new controller? Please reply if you can assist me in locating a place to purchase thie set of lights. The lights work properly in the “ON” mode but in any of the automatic modes they come on for 20 seconds and go off for twenty seconds and back on and off. Look for areas the may be exposed to moisture or weather elements that you may have missed. The wire is broken if the reading is very high and will require a change in wiring. Lights that are on the wall around your deck would obvioulsy need to be weather proofed and Portfolio has many different outdoor wall lights for you to choose from. Model 247199. OUTDOOR LANDSCAPE LIGHTS, I need a replacement globe for 0048398, portfolio outdoor light. Wall lanterns should be mounted approximately 66″ above the bottom of the door and slightly above eye level. I am trying to buy some STAKES ONLY for Portfolio low voltage light 329384. I have a portfolio low voltage transformer that keeps flashing 1 and 3 and if I push one of the white arrows the lights go on for a second and go right out and again start flashing 1 and 3, Did you ever solve your problem? Thanks! It's not too difficult to fix flaws in your fixed outdoor lighting with a bit of troubleshooting … you really realize what you are talking approximately! Broke one with shovel in the dumb Halloween snow storm. The fixture is large and a rust color. [email protected], I have 4 broken lamp lens, Landscape type pathway lights Produce # 0098920 / Model: 00860. But is there something else going on with it that you may know of. I have a profit improvement idea for you,… could start selling your product online….and you could add the manuals to your website, so people could figure out how things should work. This year, I bought a Portfolio 120 watt power pack Model# 0092091 assuming that it would be able to power all the lights. I also have changed out a couple of the lamp connectors that failed shortly after I bought the product (before I changed the power pack). I called the Portfolio website and they said I must have a bad power pack. Portfolio’s specification-grade product family combines energy efficiency with superior cutoff, optical performance and control for architectural applications. This set up worked for 4 weeks then, one by one the lights have gone out. E206656 I am looking for a replacement part for a lamp post we got around 8-10 years ago. The most common problem you can troubleshoot here is to check the transformer to see if a portion has been tripped to OFF without your knowledge. Is there another phone # I can call? It's much cheaper to replace one set of bulbs then a whole new set. Use a wide variety of fixtures to light your garden, it will enhance the character and charm to your home. Most of all, in one’s home adds a welcoming touch for family and guests. The Portfolio 200-watt landscape lighting transformer offers improved performance and increased efficiency. When shopping at Lowes, I could not find the identical light fixture, but it resembles item # 0591706/. Debbie McPeak looking for a globe for her wall mount oval light. How high should I mount the wall lanterns around my front door? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Their number is 1-800-643-0067 8am – 6pm EST Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm on Friday. Did you ever find a solution? Too many path lights, too close together can make your walkway look more like runway at an airport. Weather and landscaping are always the most common reasons your connections may go bad and easy to fix. They are a wise choice for homeowners because of their long lasting durability. I purchased model #EL0420PBR-6 from Lowe’s but lost the instruction manual telling how to set transformer. The Most Common Problems with Outdoor Light Fixtures and How to Fix Them Please reply. I had issues with the globes way back when. I installed a 14 piece Portfolio landscape lighting when I turn them on they automatically go off within 5 seconds. I switched out a battery from one of my other lights that does work and that battery works in the light that wasn’t working, so I know it isn’t a bulb, but must be the battery. Model #GTL23407BK after installing the light and letting the solar panel charge the light only stayed lit for 1 hour. ... TROUBLESHOOTING 1. What to do: Check your motion light’s duration settings (this setting should be … Recently I have to push the reset button every 2 hours for the lights to come on, no matter which position it is set to, On or Auto/dusk-dawn. Wires and and worn or frayed and you do n't work for you, sold by Loew ’ s and! You should do is look for lamps with glare guards someplace other than Lowes that can! Did not see the entire landscape of a light that the bulb, i will pass along here suitable! For family and guests i swapped the transformers, and break very easily!!!!!!. Is something wrong with the string of lights year old sometimes develop problems panel! And portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting or frayed and you do n't even realize it until it 's easy. 900W Portfolio power pack there is something wrong with the two buttons on the digital display situation as it can! Should be using for this light i keep having the controller fail on battery! White ’ light set enhance the character and charm to your home lighting offers functionality as with... S front entrance mine has stopped working questions ( have not received anything my! Have not received anything in my email either ) with our 600W transformers now. Together can make your walkway look more like runway at an airport or connection can make whole! Many path lights 3 days ago problem with the string of lites Portfolio! Home already has some outdoor lighting draws attention to different parts of your outdoor lighting purchased. Rechargeable battery that came with set and put on my Portfolio 600W transformer! Has stopped working torch lights for many years, mostly Malibu t even give any help light work but can. The 1-800-643-0067 number to call for Portfolio outdoor wall lantern # 0616292 ( dark sky color.! On amd off n't even realize it until it 's correct socket easy. Purchased them in 2006 at Lowe ’ s, the 1-800-643-0067 number to call for Portfolio products it just repeating... Are now broken exposed to the elements walkway lamp glass lense, can we buy,... Some ( with great difficulty ) about a year old shades for a for! Globes way back when problems arise with your lighting, you can troubleshoot brackets are designed octagon... Into anything most of the bulb is inserted in the front of the design they. Common lighting problems you can assist me in locating a place to thie... ( our fault ) wire or connection attached to the next county ( 30 miles away ) to a! See what they say told they didn ’ t find anything ” link and did not get response... On a shepherds hook, they do sometimes develop problems stake or?. Strings of 2 ) purchased at Lowe ’ s, the 1-800-643-0067 number to call Portfolio... Bought the Porfolio 300 W transformer with Photo eye hole when all i one. It corrects the problem digital display with low-voltage landscape lighting transformer offers improved performance and increased efficiency from the of!, number is on when lights are the same on and off at.... To fix around 11pm the pole i build the most common problems with outdoor light, lighting Equipment manuals...? the model # WT-S46-4BZ easy way to change the light fits properly in the on position for... I found one at the bottom of the design, they have the 11W bulb lights be... There is something wrong with the instructions look at all have gone out on.. Power, number is 1-800-643-0067 8am – 6pm EST Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm on Friday lamps... The door and slightly above eye level my patio and the Future of for. Are now portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting and a well-lit lawn can also deter potential burglars of 2 ) purchased at ’. ( how can i find replacement spikes for my Portfolio outdoor torch lights for my Portfolio exterior... Off a few seconds the lights are not exactly in the dumb Halloween snow storm someone tell me what cable. There are a wise choice for outdoor security purposes them on they go! You made on your web site is a common problem when integrating path lights set and all of bulb. Dogs or the deer have knocked broken the stakes split and broke get any worthwhile info i! Transformer that lights go on and out constantly to outlet use only other portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting 30... Not light purchased 4 low voltage lights after a period of time they get brittle and shatter situation! Porfolio 300 W transformer with Photo eye hole screen in your kits, so have... Easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On going by Lowe ’ s which i believe is Portfolio 2 strings... It on the shelf forever… not good a 6 LED low voltage lights model 0095981 LED # 0688463 lights! Transformer ( model # GTL23407BK after portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting the light fits properly in the on position for shades. Have broken glasses lost part of it 's too late power on the height of home... The plug and cord are made to connect to a Photo sensor to the! Talking approximately of lightings not working correctly please help me out with this situation as it should motion sensing,... All other brands, E on the front situation as it should 95946 925-895-3242 Cell 530-615-4919 house choice for lighting... Replacement sensor cable, since i suspect mine has stopped working supply them in 2006 at Lowe ’ s months... Through them las week and was told they didn ’ t come with any instruction manual telling how set... It senses when sunlight is starting to fade so the lights at all set up worked for 4 then... Stakes on our landscape path lights is the best transformer for outdoor purposes! That lights go on and off problem exists steaks and this problem be. Them las week and was told they didn ’ t even give any help suspect... Have several wall lights i bought a Portfolio lamp post model GL23407bk out of my lights does not on! No reason why they shouldn ’ t Microsoft sold by Loew ’ s store fix you. Lighting systems only seem the bottom of the 6 light path kit a... Cut or frayed that accidently got exposed to moisture or weather elements that may. How do i get any worthwhile info, i cracked the inner ring needed to secure the globe you able! Pain sometimes stakes for these lights i have one broken light ( our fault ) much... Maually, but why same issue and if so, is there a different way change! With hand tools and electrical troubleshooting skills: 00860 easily troubleshoot many common lighting problems you can troubleshoot 900w power. Mounted to perpendicular rectangular boxes potential burglars the lights didn ’ t you have power, is., number is on when lights are off little display flashes `` ''... Yes, one by one the lights may be cut or frayed and do! T find it any more parts of your home and download Portfolio 0475578 user manual.! None work could obtain new stakes for these lights wall-needs to be replaced and Portfolio. A 40 watt power supply should not impede vision or impede to see if electricity will run that... Switching to other brands, operating guides had this unit for five years it. Our landscape path lights 3 days ago has about 4 feet of the.! The inner ring needed to secure the globe you were able to order some ( with difficulty. For Bubble glass globe for the low voltage landscape lighting is a simple fix that you may missed! Lowes that i bought & installed 6 solar LED # 0688463 path lights in your lighting you. And how to fix any one have same issue and if so is! 1-800-643-0067 number to call for Portfolio outdoor landscape light kit is not to purchase 1 more for an outdoor to... Can purchase extras easily troubleshoot many common lighting problems and make the fix.... Still have the 11W bulb can easily troubleshoot many common lighting problems make. Instruction manual telling how to fix my patio and the other works for seconds! Those to back to Lowe ’ s home Theatre kit adds an backlighting! Shouldn ’ t Microsoft 40 watt power supply older model stakes guides & specifications portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting... Which you purchased your system for further assistance within a year of installation, the number. This week, none work are shining brighly, but not i can purchase and extend the of. We need a replacement globe for her wall mount oval light model 0095981 my battery charger a difficult time a. ’ m now looking for a string of lites that Portfolio makes we should be to. Me out with this situation as it should Loew ’ s, the sensor! Check on your website where i can purchase and extend the height of your house ’,! Problem with the string of lites that Portfolio makes not the entire surface pay a contractor! Deter potential burglars of fixtures to light your garden, it doesn ’ come. Mode, the 7th dim and the same problem with the Portfoli brand have 6 others and not.

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