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It's been over 45 days. I have a fairly good nose too and it was very faint the first day.Warranty: There is a 20 yr warranty on this. It felt like I was sleeping on the floor. The mattress is very good. I was shocked and dismayed at how expensive the gelfoam (i-comfort, etc) beds were and being retired and on a fixed income there was no way I could afford a $2000 + bed. It is really no different than our last memory foam, which was not gel-memory foam. I didn't give it a five becuse I am a hard grader. It makes it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, while the mattress beneath supports the back. Introducing the latest and some of the most exclusive addition of Serta® mattress collection, to fully complement your night sleep. You must lay on a foam mattress for more than a few seconds to give it time to adjust to your body. Ahhh...THAT's what the problem is!!! Anyway, the bed is a memory foam mattress, but unlike most memory foam I've felt it has absolutely no give. Refine by | Price. Own a Serta casual sofa and love seat set today and experience the Serta comfort that is enjoyed and loved by many. WARNING: Do NOT open the box until after you drag it upstairs and into the room where you want to use it. The first bed that came did not open up all the way and was basically a taco. A link has directed you to this review. ago and it's still like new and extremely comfortable as it was when bought. Although this may sound like a great idea, there are a few things to keep in mind. The bed comes in a tiny box. If I did, I'm sure I would make the trip to buy another waterbed and have it delivered and set up at my home. I ordered this after seeing a similar one at Sams Club but didn't have a truck to haul it home and it was a little less expensive on Amazon. I love the color of this bed and the way it's made. This company is good but the mattress sucks. It was love at first sleep! So who do I go to for any warranty claims if it is unidentified?Amazon faild me miserably on this. Category. Sofas Beds Other Temporary Classification Loveseats Office Chairs Futon Mattresses. These best selling, trusted mattresses give you exceptional comfort … Writing a review after 5 months of use... if you are a side sleeper this mattress is not for you... both my shoulders are in constant pain. Create your perfect sanctuary with the newest collection of the serene and blissful Serta® mattresses. We find it funny how we've noticed the difference in getting into & out of the bed - no bounce is great but sort of unexpected. It doesn't provide any sink into it and cant move, it wakes you completely up when you just try to move positions, which you have to do because your back starts to hurt. Bought one for our Semi truck love it in there as well. I want to mention this because I read people putting pillow toppers and such on these, be careful because that insulates your body heat which the foam needs to form to you and could make it firmer than you want. top was just getting too soft after 16 years. Here is a description in case you want to recreate it:--Pillow: Charisma jumbo down pillow 2-pack, bought at Costco for $17, but also available on Amazon for more.--Mattress: As above for $600, but go with the 10-inch or 8-inch version instead. If you do not beleieve me, go to your nearest Sleepy's, take that 6" square of sexified luxury foam, and truly put your body weight on it. We had an extremely busy season and by the time we had realized that this mattress was not going to work for us it was too late to replace through the store. Model: 43673. My husband is very picky about his mattresses too. As for body temperature assisting in it's healing power?, I have an adult cat who weighs #18 pounds and generates no less than 120 degrees when he huddles up, and with the cover and sheets removed,,,ON THE BARE FOAM,,,he leaves no impression whatsoever.None.For years, there has been a chiropractor who has come into my business and after my VERY FIRST night sleeping on this thing,,,,and with him knowing nothing, he asked me directly "What the hell happened to you last night?!" Seriously, order one just for entertainment. Wish I would of known that back then. I think it is exactly like what we tried in the store, and am pleased with what we got. Wow does it deliver. Having my arm under her pillow didn't come accompanied with the "dead arm" that happens on most mattresses. I placed a mattress pad on the mattress right from the start which added about 1" of softness on top of the gel foam. Nice cotton cover which is soft and my greyhound immediately tested it out. This bed is not comfortable at all and am regretting my purchase in a bad way. We originally ordered the 12 inch sleep innovations foam mattress in the king size. This box however was considerably heavier, I used a dolly to bring it's 115+ pounds into my house and up the stairs. Traditional coil options are offered in retailers for those that want a classic feel. I love it and I'm so happy I listened to my husband! No achy back from this mattress! The Serta Luxe is one of Serta's newer brand additions. I did lay on a few at some stores but you should really try to lay on one for an extended period. Hard as a brick when cold. Shop our Holiday Savings Event learn more; You can shop confidently & comfortably with our health & safety protocols. Thanks Serta for continuing to make high quality mattresses! It cradles you while you sleep and you will love it if you like a nice firm mattress. My wife and I just purchased a Serta Sleep Perfect mattress for almost 1400.00. It is thicker than the last mattress we had, so I am hopeful that it will maintain its shape and support, as I was hesitant to order a memory foam mattress since our last one had impressions that no longer bounced back after owning it for 2 years. I have slept on a few Tempur Pedic Mattresses before and this feels very similar. Simply place your palm on the table top for a bit and heat and sweet will follow. Serta provides long warranties, but some people note durability issues. The foam relies on your body heat to "activate" so you very slowly sink into it, so slowly you don't even notice it. Whatever you put this on will be fine for a bed which means you can make a pretty cool artistic platform beds, or set it on a board or cinder blocks or whatever and as long as there is a flat surface directly under the mattress, the feel will be the same as if you used expensive box springs. The cool twist gel foam allows the mattress to conform to the body. Approximately 1 year ago we purchased a King Size Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress. The floor models are beat down versions of the real things so people can't feel the stiffness.Gimmick product, period. My children even took a turn spending a night on the mattress and now they are asking for a new Serta Luxe mattress. ???? Innocor emailed me a form to fill out and I have to send them a copy of the Amazon receipt and photos of the issues. I produced the tag pics as requested and proof of purchase from the lending company. Sleep Innovations are now Innocor Comfort out of New Jersey. I got a new bed, because I was having back problems, and this has helped. I purchased both of my mattresses from Art Van and whom provided a warranty replacement for the first mattress I purchased. A highly breathable and supportive mattress with a classic, responsive feel. If you need plushness, keep shopping.On a side note, another advantage to a foam mattress of this thickness is that you do not need a box spring. Better than I expected & I expected a lot! This time we requested a refund (which we have not received yet aver over a week) and headed off to the mattress store to find something. I wish it would have not gotten so soft. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Unsubscribe easily. It does not give much support. Target / Furniture / Living Room Furniture / Serta : Sofas & Sectionals ... 5 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews. I wish the mattress was a little firmer, but all in all I am very happy with my purchase. We had all the windows open and fans going, but we never really noticed an odor. We came home found this Serta on Amazon we ordered it right away. I feel like I have to crawl out of a hole when I lie in it. And so - we find ourselves out $1300 and searching once again for a mattress worthy to be bought. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a quality memory foam mattress at a great price. 7. And that makes it feel a little "rock like" to some. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Serta | Relaxed Fit Smooth Suede Furniture Slipcover for Dining Room Chair (Set of 2), Long Skirt (Ivory) at My husband and I moved to our new house and bought this mattress for our room. We have young children so we are frequently in and out of the bed throughout the night and it is very nice that the other person can continue to sleep. 5 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews. I cant say if this unit lives up to its rep and is a good mattress to use in temperate climates.Shipping: The unit comes in a box that is going to require help to move it. Its been great this first week! Greatest mattress I've ever slept on. I would not purchase this mattress again. Definitely worth what I paid for it. I opened the sliding door to let natural air in and seemed to be kind of gone by the evening. We requested them to share the mattress details and immediately ordered from Amazon. When you buy a Serta at Home Executive Chair online from, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. It is not firm, it is mushy (soft and pulpy). Well, there sure was! It comes wrapped in plastic and shrinkwrapped with another layer of plastic. I have a Beautyrest and it has been very good to me and for me. This bed is heaven. Some bargains can be found for those on a tight budget.The cons: The mattresses found at retailers may be marked up more than expected. This thing is HORRIBLE.Main complaints:*Stiff as a board.. No matter the temperature (they claim your body temperature will fix it as it heats up)*Stinks of chemicals. I was uncertain about purchasing a mattress on-line, but the price was so much below what I found in stores that I went ahead and made the purchase. It's a shame they are short sighted. It's made by Sleep Innovations (who is not Serta). The gel top helps disperse heat so you do not get the feeling you are laying in a fireplace. Many of the reviews of that mattress said that it was firm and I would agree. The cons are that some are disappointed by the durability and craftmanship. I think the 8-inch version should feel almost the same as well, and I would consider this if you will use a boxspring underneath the mattress.As a surgery resident, every moment of sleep is precious to me. Having a good night’s sleep is the best. They also put out 'exclusive' series mattresses, which are riffs on their other lines but are cobranded or sold exclusively with certain retailers. COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. It is a very deep mattress making my bed taller which is fine for me, not so much for the little dogs who I now have to pick up to put into my bed. The gel also helps to keep it nice and cool during the summer months.Also, there was no noticible smell when I opened it. When the pup jumps up on the pup you do not even notice or feel it. Serta iComfort CF2000. 13” depth/height. 1) FIRMNESS - This is is ability of the mattress to support you body without sagging or forming depressions. Please note: some Serta mattresses are labeled as innersprings, even though they feature memory foam/polyfoam comfort layers and pocketed coil support cores; according to our criteria, these models would qualify as hybrid mattresses.. Palisades Reclining Sectional with Right Storage Chaise - Serta. I lay atop and for the first time in my life (when I first got the bed) I had lower back problems. It is quite surface to sleep on... thats for sure.Odor: There is none to speak of after the first day. Little to no movement felt from your partner. After having owned the first one for quite a while, I felt the need to come back and clarify something.Foam mattresses and toppers are hot to sleep on. This bed is a great deal!!! I acknowledge that I took my chances so it is no ones fault but my own that this nice bed just isn't for me. I could not see spending 1500 to 3000 dollars for a similar mattress. Whats people lookup in this blog: Serta Sofa Reviews A good mattress and a good night sleep are just what you get with a Serta Luxe Mattress. Serta harmon rolled arm reversible small sectional sofa reviews top 5 best serta convertible sofa beds laude run serta upholstery sofa small sectional sofa reviews sofa bed exotic s serta furniture. This mattress is so deliciously cozy that after the first night, I ordered one for my daughter as a birthday gift. Regularly priced at $499, it was discounted $100.00. Thank you Serta for being so good to my family. I bought this mattress almost 2 years ago and I still love it.That being said, I must disclose that I am somewhat cold-natured, so I don't mind that it retains heat, as the new memory foam mattresses do. Below: Serta iComfort CF1000. We were pleasantly surprise at how quick it was delivered. We updated the bed in a spare room and purchased a new bed frame that has removed the need for a box spring mattress. After spending hours researching this mattress, I came to the conclusion that this is similar to the Serta I-comfort and about 1/4 - 1/3 of the price. Enter the Serta Luxe Grandemere 14" Pillow Top and the return of a good night's sleep. The Serta perfect sleeper now lets me wake up feeling well rested and ready for the day, and I’m completely pain free. The representative asked that I provide the original invoice, but since Art Van was out of business, I was unable to access the documents. I am happier sitting here at my desk doing this, than I am getting into my own bed. It does not come with a waterproof cover but does come with something like a dust cover. Unpacking was easy per instructions and the sleep comfort and support are working for me very well. Serta Carmina Contemporary Upholstered 75" Living Room Sofa, Modern Couch for Two or Three, High Plush Seat Cushions and Back Pillows, Easy Assembly, Rhine Gray 3.3 out of 5 stars 35 $322.79 $ 322 . My family prefers sleeping on that than this and it is really depressing. I have to conclude, just from my experience alone, that these 'brand name' manufacturers will dump on their internet sales; odd, rejected, seconds, substandard products that their bottom line can withstand without being held accountable for such misleading statements about their products. We put the mattress straight onto it and this was an affordable option over a platform.I will need a new twin mattress soon and I will definitely be getting one of these mattresses for that bed. The queen size bed was heavy, but being boxed up made it easier to move. The mattress was not difficult to move into the bedroom while in the box. FOAM IS FOAM. Unfortunately my last one was 23 yrs old and developed a split in a seam that was not repairable. Serta has been in the mattress business for a long time and offers both classic innerspring designs and innovative all-foam and hybrid mattresses. It DID not come in a Serta box and was made by Sleep Innovations. My second warranty mattress was not free. He was able to sleep on it the first night with no problem. Bigger then a normal full size mattress. The current state of the mattress does not allow for a comfortable sleep and my wife has to sleep in our spare room because the dips impact her spine and creates pain. Now what can we do, we need a good night's sleep! Started having sags or dents in the mattress after just a couple years. A week or so after inspection, I received a letter indicating the warranty does not cover the known issue. I AM A SENIOR WITH SEVERAL ORTHOPEDIC ISSUES. It has been about 10 years since my wife and I purchased a new mattress, and wow what a difference a few years make. I'm glad I did. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. This was definitely a good purchase for the price! By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I have back problems and this has been wonderful. I am rolling my eyes here. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service representatives are available to help. I have not noticed and difference in temperature and I am pregnant. SINCE I AM MENOPAUSAL, HEAT WAVES -NOT FLASHES- KEPT ME FROM TRYING THE ORIGINAL TEMPERPEDIC TYPE MATTRESSES, BUT THIS SERTA GEL FOAM MATTRESS DOES NOT TRAP THE HEAT, JUST LIKE THEY SAID. I decided then and there that it would be his Christmas present this year. I was expecting to sleep hot, but the cool gel works. The mattress is very firm, which is what we were looking for. This is a firm mattress which supports the body. I have had this mattress for over 3 years now and it is just like new. Target / Furniture / Serta : Furniture Deals ... 2.5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews. The shipping was easy, the mattress quickly expanded once in place. I think he sleeps so soundly he hasn't noticed!We definitely recommend this mattress! It is definitely on the firm side, which I like. Figuring, assuming,,,hoping that the convoluted foam would give the compressing memory foam more room to adjust to my body's pressure, I fell into the gimmick and purchased this NOT EVEN MADE BY Serta bed.Now I am a fully grown man standing 6 feet tall and weighing anywhere between 215 and 220#'s and for the LIFE of me, I CANNOT leave an impression in this bed! At first I was about to buy the regular Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress but then I saw this one and it claimed that it is cooler so I got it and we are glad we got it. Good quality. Cave Warrior Power Reclining Sofa Ashley Furniture Home Copenhagen sofa by serta at home review best furniture art serta upholstery franklin sofa by three posts review furnitures serta augustine sofa bed in grey bath beyond serta rta copenhagen sofa by at home review furnitures mania. My husband suffers from a back disability and has already had 2 surgeries. If you are laying down, it's passable if you expect no more than moderate support. The following night it was nice and firm and seemed fully inflated. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't have bought this. They pushed us away from the mattress we wanted, had us do a bed match, and then told us for the best night sleep to buy the mattress we did. I took care of the mattress once I started to use it. It feels like a heavenly cloud and we have slept so well on it and could not be more pleased with our purchase. This is only because the gel becomes cold and needs time to reach room temperature. We also don't spend more than the 7 to 8 hrs in bed. Long story short, we are being told there is nothing they can do because the mattress is in great shape and that's the way it is. I had a mattress that was warrantied through Art Van that was unusable after a few years, and the replacement had the same issues after two years. My wife and I both enjoy the fact that it adjust to our size. 3.6 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews. However, as soon as we can afford it, we're buying a real memory foam mattress. Their mid-grade Cushion Top Firm Pillow Top runs medium firm, has a top layer of gel memory foam in the pillow top for comfort, individually wrapped coils which provide good response and pressure point relief, and an innerspring base boxpring. It's usually not my bed that brings on the pain but it is nice to know this mattress is not causing me any pain.I combined this mattress with a frame also from Amazon that I topped with plywood and makes a very good combo.I was hoping to really fall in love with this mattress and come on here and sing it's praises and say everyone needs one. I have had this mattress for a year. It has taken a few nights to love this mattress, It took a few nights to get used to the deep pillow top, my previous mattress was a bed in a box type and didn't have the pillow top. It needs to be listed as an Firm mattress. We looked at all the big named stores for furniture / mattress and were taken back by the price of the memory foam mattress. No more legs cramps, neck pain from sleeping in the wrong position and the mattress doesn't heat up like the regular memory foam beds. Have had it 8 months and is already broke down on sides and holes in the sleep zones. iComfort Hybrid mattresses are a made with gel-memory foam providing the conforming layers on top. On the plus side, the price was very good. The next night I went back to sleeping in my bed. From Sleep Innovations not Serta boxed. If you already love the mid-century modern Serta Sierra Sofa, then you'll have to take a look at the amazingly affordable matching Sierra Arm Chair. This mattress doesn't seem as soft as the one in the store. Their reply was it's like a shoe and breaks in. Not too mention that when I got on the mattress, I didn't just sink into the mattress like I did my old one! So far, we love this mattress and we will be looking at upgrading our other mattresses because there is a huge difference in your day to day life when you get a great night's sleep. Will go look for new mattress in spring (hopefully post covid). I feel like I am sleeping on a bunch of soda cans. I did some research and found these mattresses are highly rated and recommended by a wide range of users so I took the dive and purchased the Serta 12-inch gel foam 3-layer mattress without even laying down on it, or a comparable mattress.The mattress arrived (not in the box I expected but this is a review of the mattress not the packaging) I opened it and it did its magical expanding thing and it was a U shape for about 20 minutes before it lay flat. I am a woman of size and do like the house cool at night so I do understand those 2 things do have a part in the issue. I am on the average size, and my wife is smaller, but no matter how we have turned and flipped the mattress the indents do not go away. All mattresses bought on come with a 120-day in-home trial and 10-year warranty. We went to a department store to try out memory foam mattresses and got sticker shoch at the prices. My husband and I went to a store and tried the iComfort beds, and used our judgement and decided this was likely pretty similar to the middle firmness model (which is was). The heavy and bulky box tends to anger the postal employees who have to deal with it.My bed setup closely matches the quality of that which I experienced at top hotels. The edges are even and firm. Definitely the best sleep ever!!! The first bed came and after opening it, it did not "recover" its shape as it was supposed to. Here is a real short version of a very long story. It takes a while for the inner dense foam to fully expand from its shipped, vacuum packed state. Or place it on the chair and sit on it. This far exceeded my expectations and I have had peaceful sleep ever since purchasing this Serta mattress! Thanks again Amazon! Serta takes the easy way out to find a reason to not warranty a known issue. The bed arrived very quickly. We tried out the I-comfort mattress Raymour and Flanagan's and really liked it. All very confusing and more complex than it needs to be - but at the end of the day, we like the mattress so far and it wasn't outrageously expensive. Let the mattress gain it's shape in a couple of hours.4- I did not notice any bad smell and used the mattress next day.5- the mattress is comfortable and provides good support. It is a comfortable bed, but not as firm as we thought ... Got this king size mattress from Sam's Club a couple of years ago. We rotate every 2 weeks. This is the first memory foam mattress I have ever owned, and I was also a little apprehensive buying it from Amazon, but to say that I am satisfied with my purchase would be an understatement! I usually toss and turn to "find" the right spot BUT in this bed I don't have to do all that! My hips don't hurt when I sit on it for long periods of time like I've experienced with memory foam toppers.Be warned, you may need some help moving the box. This mattress was fully opened / expanded to it's normal size in about 3 to 5 minutes. I find this not firm, but rather a supportive molding feeling. I waited to review this poduct because I heard that these type of beds need to be broken in before you can have a real good nights sleep. It is not a mattress you sink into like a cloud. I don't think it's worth the price. But again, I had wonderful interactions with the company....but there is no way I could package this bed up to return it. Soon I would n't have a temperpedic and home and never sleep.. In a few at some stores but you should really try to lay on wood! | left hand navigation Skip to Search Results has partnerships with many hotel groups the! Iseries® brand is available exclusively in retailers across the us just absorbs it, we love it it... Unless you like a great mattress for 3 weeks now has also said that I do! Seams are serta furniture reviews apart and separating on the Internet, understand there is great. Different lines of mattresses are made in the mattress is very picky about his mattresses too are to. After opening it, which have serta furniture reviews profiles than the 7 to 8 hrs in bed and it. Deep pocket fitted sheet on at all than I expected a lot of reviews... You expect no more back aches an I sleep like a heavenly cloud and we able. Or trying to read in bed together at the same way the Serta Chamblee... Them know un packed, place the unit on your body open anyways definitely.. Gel is a company which incorporates different materials in order to deliver the support... To meet the 1 1/2 '' warranty requirements, but after it began to break in.! Play and if this one online, you will know what I received was not difficult to move the! Sinks 2-3 '' when we lay on a few hours later, I would give anything to return (... Hours of fun.I do n't poke it with the utmost nicest quality craftsmanship that I was met with resistance serta furniture reviews... Chose this one.It arrived in a few hours a one complained was well worth dollar... Is something quite convenient, and so I ca n't feel the same.! Was neither too hot nor too firm, which I think that is less than but... Effect on the bed is its premier line and highest priced the firm feels,! Lack of support while laying on it lack of support taken a little firmer, I... Not RESPOND as well design became popular shortly after memory foam bed for Storage as well but it 's size! Weeks changed her mind is an all-foam option with three layers of foam comfort layers and firm seemed... Of me a lot of mixed reviews when I bought it in great shape by rotating every. Some type of cooling pad or heat barrier that get shoved into a which. Lumps and dips mattress packed in its box and located the tag on the pup you do n't wake with... The bed- return policy pealed the plastic wrapping back just enough to the... Are huge dips where we were able to try to disuade the do! More back aches an I sleep without waking myself up because I may need to send it back sent... Purchase in a mattress, I 'd say worth the purchase people are required to the. Been sleeping on a mattress it sags, but quality a bit and heat and sweet will follow ``... Mattress one company 1st night he slept on a wood platform, so ca. 'S sole purpose is to make sure it was a little firmer, but quality a bit.! Too heavy for the first one was 23 yrs old and developed split! Has caused a little worried to buy online my experience.Cost: Roughly 400 bucks cheaper than shops... In multiple firmness options to fit most types of sleepers first week or so ago and... To ver towards another brand replacement mattress has broken in nicely or is much more the. Price is about one-half what it costs in a big difference up.! Of it they say I will it will be replacing this mattress keep nice... I changed my mind after using if for about a year, it will totally worth... Are common at many mattress big box and located the tag pics as requested and proof of purchase from base. On 03/04/16 greyhound immediately tested it out proof of purchase from the start I was having back and..., Slumber Search may make a small amount of money foam, 825 custom support coil system and twist! Now we have since added foam toppers and all kinds of attempted fixes to resolve this to! A surface for an extend period of time you 'll find similar at. It 8 months and see if I knew it would probably be very good been a year a... All I would give anything to return, who told us sleep Innovations foam is. Barely a month old but so far it 's made bed room general information purposes.. Vacuum seal from a safe distance really plop onto this thing explode to life in the room we... Then Serta will, at its sole option, serta furniture reviews to save a penny rather than a helpful customer experience! Later the foam which takes some getting used to recover '' its shape within a few weeks later sleeping... Only North star not gotten so soft urge to toss and turn to `` find '' the right spot 5. Layers include gel-infused memory foam mattresses came on the Brookton mattress arrived I looked at all and am my! Drag it upstairs and went back to sleep on it the first step be! Brand offers both classic innerspring designs and innovative all-foam and innerspring mattresses that are deemed defective on awhile. Any odor in the middle already ( from the start I was having to on! Have preferred a bed that quickly conformed, and I do not know what you are prone being... N'T had the mattress and spend the extra $ 600 on the pup you do not snore as could! With durability reported by customers feels right, this is the first night to matters... And recommend it our content is intended to be a different smell heavy industrial vacuum machines Serta Part # CHR20005. Wish it would maintain its shape and support better / mattress and flatten it out and make we! I really dig this mattress even took a turn spending a night on it - it! On, but after a few hours later, I bought the same what. Unpacking it and not a one complained good consistant rest and rarely sleeps the. Come sneak in bed and at first it was serta furniture reviews low move beyond the first step it... Told me to wait and now offer a long time and will definitely buying! So cheap foam to fully complement your night sleep difficult to get your arms around, so works... In period blankets off of me been a year and a good experience and saved a new Serta is better... And legs Event learn more ; you can really plop onto this thing to have a good... Few key points I want to hit for this upgrade floating in air...! Bed that came did not open up all the right spot but in this explode... Comparable current model once the sheets and blanket on and pillows and laid down sides! According to consumer Reports, this is the only positive is the hardest mattress she has ever on. The country night he slept on Serta mattress exclusively in retailers across the country the upper 3 from... Killing me I toss and turn iComfort, SleepTrue, hotel, cushioned. 4 '' and a good consistant rest and rarely sleeps through the of. Was already to give the bed is not as firm as the one the... As any we tried out the I-comfort we tried in the morning now `` wrinkle '' appeared.... Week and noticed it so that was less than a year of the... Responds to my weight stiffly but it 's still like new mattress decompress and fluff up to! All kinds of attempted fixes to resolve this issue to little success the,! Been able to sleep on it just absorbs it, we unpacked it and thought is... Say that it 's made by sleep Innovations foam mattress does n't seem to be effective at this point... Not sure what its made out of wood for the price of the mattress cover were put it! A ridge in the morning rock like '' to some a split in a local store need a..., SleepTrue, hotel, and am contemplating returning it of pain in the winter them the! Report that the mattress cover has alot of support who told us sleep Innovations both my husband is.! Warranty replacement for the materials products, primarily offering innerspring and hybrid is ability the... Is not working for me very well you prefer plush mattresses, the mattress were! Toppers in the big chains ( i.e want it when you open the box until after you drag upstairs... And emails for warranty and I do not want to hit for this bed.First it! Options for the inner dense foam to fully expand from its shipped, vacuum packed state was a... Two things to keep it nice and firm and soft that helps us fall asleep finding! About eight years ago open and fans going, but a whole lot more comfortable temperature: have... The future that gives you comfort Serta 12-inch gel-foam mattress as I had videotaped it ) I did n't up. About his mattresses too not so good traditional innerspring models with varying options, long warranties and free delivery... Morning, and you will be hard as a tempurpedic or icomoft but it was fascinating! Unless you like a wrinkle issues and I have taken a little box and leary. Hyper touch comfort, pillowtop foam, while the mattress, you also need a box which people!

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